Why do I Need Web Hosting for WordPress?

WordPress Hosting

Everyone knows that any kind of web hosting is very important for any website because it increases site performance and also gives next-level security. But in the hosting market, there are many types of web hostings so if you want to know about word press hosting then in this article I will tell you detailed information about word press hosting. The best WordPress hosting makes strong your SEO under in website. There are many types of WordPress hosting options are available like as free, shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed word press hosting.

 So if you are thinking to take word press hosting for your website then it can be a very good decision for you, because word press is the type of web builder that is the top CMS in the world. You do not have to need any technical knowledge or coding to use this word press hosting. It makes it easy to create a better website and grow your website. Whenever you want to make your website then you should have to need a domain name and web hosting. Without these two things, you cannot for people to access your website. For all these things we have to need WordPress hosting.

Why is Hosting Important for WordPress Website?

Sometimes many people want to web hosting for their word press site and they get confused many times. That is because there are two types of word press,

1:- Word Press.org

2:- WordPress.com

WordPress.org required web hosting, and a wordpress.com type of hosted solution. But this is not the only difference between these types of WordPress. 

WordPress Hosting

What is WordPress.org?

WordPress.org is famous all around the world and it is who you are most familiar with. Here you can download a self-hosted version of WordPress. When you will build up your website then you will use this version.

On the other hand, wordpress.org is a kind of information website, that gives us information about how to use WordPress and the new release of the software. You can download software with the help of WordPress.org and can take it into any web hosting. This is a self-hosted WordPress means if you want to WordPress site then you need hosting and a domain name for that. 

Advantages of WordPress.Org

Highly Customizable:- It provides many types of plugins and themes that make your website attractive and do work well that you want.

Custom Domain:- If you use wordpress.org then you have total control over your website address. For that, you only need to find your domain name and suitable hosting and need for register it.

Monetization:- Wordpres.org is the perfect online storage place where you can advertise your website online. 

Better For SEO:- WordPress.org increase your SEO, here you can use many plugins that help you to create meta titles and meta descriptions. WordPress.org also provides you with the facility to create custom permalinks.

Disadvantages of WordPress.org

Learning Before Use:- If you are a beginner and want to use wordpress.org then you need to research to enjoy this platform.

Maintenance:- You are only responsible for managing and updating the plugins and themes and also WordPress software. And you need to take a backup from time to time to avoid future issues.

Security:- Even WordPress is much more secure but you must be aware of the diligence before installing new tools on the site. Because anyone can develop plugins and themes themselves. So you can easily come to the unwanted files, unfortunately.

What is WordPress.com?

This is a hosted service and is operated by automatic. It provides a stage to use for making a website easily. It means anyone can make their WordPress site very easily without any technical knowledge. On wordpress.com, users only find available plans, designs, themes, and plugins to create content. For using this wordpress.com you do not need separately take any kind of hosting service. it means you can use wordpress.com without taking a hosting service.

Advantages of WordPress.com

Easy to Setup:- If you want to make a website then you need only to choose a plan and signup.

Friendly:- This is a very friendly platform and the dashboard is straightforward. This has also come with many several built-in features.

Maintenance and Security:- WordPress.com is much more secure, it takes care of your site hosting, WordPress update and security for you.

Access Too Much Themes:- If you will use WordPress.com then you can use too many themes on your websites. Because it provides you with a large collection of themes, so you do not need to look anywhere else after using WordPress.com.

Disadvantages of WordPress.Com

WordPress.com Domain:- Your website should have to need to wordpress.com subdomain like https://www.domianname.wordpress.com/

Advertisement:– WordPress.com give ads on free sites. So if you want to remove them then you will need to upgrade to a paid plan. Mean you cannot remove these ads free at all.

No Monetization:- You cannot place ads on your free websites, because you do not have enough right to place ads on your free websites. In Addition, free sites do not come with e-commerce functionality.

Less Flexibility:- If your website has free then you cannot use themes and plugins in it. WordPress.com give you limitation in customization and add more functionality to your free website.

WordPress Hosting

Benefits of Taking WordPress Hosting

More Speed:- Speed is the most effective part of any type of website. Because it creates a build-up between websites and users. If your website takes a lot of time for loading then users will not be engaged with your website. Because fast load time and less lag time keep customers’ activity engaged with your website. So speed is a very important part of any kind of site. WordPress hosting is also one of them that gives you the best speed for your website and makes your site much faster.

More Bandwidth:- Bandwidth is also a very important part of web hosting. Because it is related to the server. If your hosting gives you good bandwidth like about 99% then your website run well on the internet. And if your server gives you less bandwidth then there is a chance that your website is not run properly on the internet.

Themes and Plugins:- Many people want to make their website attractive and perform well then WordPress gives you many types of new themes and plugins. You can add plugins and make your site stylish by using WordPress hosting.

Security:- On that a wide range of security that WordPress give you. It means it gives you a guarantee that all types of data are secure.

Better SEO:- It has powerful SEO tools that make your site powerful and your website will access your users. On the other hand, users can find your site fast and easily.

CDN:- CDN stand for Content Delivery Network, which means your content reaches many servers that are interconnected with each other. This help to produce your content on a global level. Backup:- WordPress hosting provide you facility that takes daily data backup automatic. So there is no possibility to lose your data.

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