How GoDaddy Became “Big Daddy” in Web Hosting and Domain Provider Industry?

If you want your business online, Then there are only a few bigger domain and web hosting providers than GoDaddy.

So, let’s talk about “GoDaddy” that how it became Big Daddy in the Domain registrar and web hosting provider industry.

Basically, At the start of this company its name was different than GoDaddy. The Company was founded in 1997 (25 Years ago) under the name of Jomax Technologies by Bob Parsons.

So let’s come on an interesting story – In 1999, Employees in Jomax Technologies began searching for a catchier name. Everyone worked for about a week and came up with nothing that everyone liked. Then one day a employee said, “How about Big Daddy?” A quick audit showed that the name was purchaged. Then he said “How about Go Daddy?” and the name was available, so he bought it.

GoDaddy Became "Big Daddy"

He noticed two things that happen the most when someone first hears the name “GoDaddy.” 

  1. Everyone smile and sometimes laugh. He likes that. 
  2. Everyone remembers it. He loves this. 

Anyone else who heard this funny new name fell in love with “Go Daddy” and it is attached. So They changed its name from “Jomax Technologies” to “GoDaddy” in February 2006. So that’s how the name of the company to Go Daddy Software, Inc.

GoDaddy is one of the leading names in the domain registrar and web-hosting industry, servicing millions of clients worldwide.

They offer a variety of services from website builders and professional email, to web hosting, and domain registration.

Here we cover all of the hosting plans of GoDaddy, as well as the benefits and cost of using GoDaddy for web hosting.

By the end of this direction, You will be able to make an informed decision as to whether GoDaddy is the best web hosting provider for your website.

Web Hosting Plans Provided By GoDaddy

GoDaddy Provides all types of web hosting. There are five kinds of web hosting offered by GoDaddy. You can save money at any hosting plans Godaddy Renewal Offers.

Hosting with Pricing

  • Shared hosting – from $1.99/month
  • WordPress hosting – from $4.99/month
  • Business hosting – from $19.99/month
  • VPS hosting – from $29.99/month
  • Dedicated hosting – from $89.99/month

Shared hosting – This hosting is one of the most demanded hosting types. This type of hosting is excellently suited for a small website or blog. This hosting is best for those who have just created a new website with limited pages. That’s why this type of hosting is one the cheapest hosting. 

So There are some basic plans for Shared Hosting by GoDaddy…

PerformanceStandardStandardIncreased processing powerIncreased processing power and speed
Website1 websiteUnlimited websitesUnlimited websitesUnlimited websites
Storage100 GBUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited 
Databases10 25 UnlimitedUnlimited
BackupsDailyDaily Daily Daily 
Shared hosting Price List

WordPress Hosting – WordPress is one of the most trendy CMS(Content management systems). As you may have easily guessed, WordPress hosting is a type of hosting that’s specially designed for WordPress sites. WordPress sites will operate fine with any type of hosting on this list, but WordPress-specific hosting comes with some added advantages, such as auto-installed updates. 

So There are some basic plans for WordPress Hosting by GoDaddy…

storage30 GB75 GBUnlimited Unlimited 
Monthly Visitorsup to 25Kup to 100KUnlimited Unlimited 
SSL Free SSL Certificate for duration of hostingFree SSL Certificate for duration of hostingFree SSL Certificate for duration of hostingFree SSL Certificate for duration of hosting
Free DomainYesYesYesYes
WooCommerceFree access to top premium WooCommerce extensions
WordPress hosting Price List

VPS Hosting – VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a happy medium between shared and VPS hosting, VPS hosting is one step nearer to a dedicated server – without the additional price tag. With a VPS hosting plan, you have a ‘virtual server’ that works like a dedicated server, but within a shared space – such as having a flat in a shared block of flats rather than a separate house. It is specifically for medium-sized companies. GoDaddy VPS hosting suggests up to 8 CPU cores, 32 GB of RAM, and 400 GB of storage.

So There are some basic plans for VPS Hosting by GoDaddy…

Features1 vCPU2 vCPU4 vCPU8 vCPU
CPU Core1248
Storage/NVMe SSD20 GB100 GB200 GB400 GB
IP available1233
Plans forLinux OnlyAllAllAll
VPS hosting Price List

Dedicated hosting – Dedicated hosting is very strong hosting that gives you complete control over the server. For those people of you who are pursuing a low-cost dedicated hosting plan, GoDaddy is the most suitable option. Who requires a dedicated server? Any website with a lot of content that’s hoping a lot of traffic. 

So There are some basic plans for Dedicated Hosting by GoDaddy…

ProcessorIntel Xeon-D 2123ITIntel Xeon-E 2136AMD EPYC™ 7351PAMD EPYC™ 7351P
GHz Turbo4C/8T – 3.06C/12T – 4.516C/32T – 2.916C/32T – 2.9
DDR4 RAM32 GB64 GB128 GB256 GB
Storage (RAID-1)2 x 4 TB HDD2 x 4 TB HDD2 x 8 TB HDD2 x 8 TB HDD
Dedicated hosting Price List

Reseller Hosting – Bassically, Reseller hosting is demanding for developers, designers, and agencies seeking to earn some additional profits from their customers. 

So There are some basic plans for Reseller Hosting by GoDaddy…

  • Enhanced – Starting Plans at $39.99 per month
  • Grow – Starting Plans at $49.99 per month
  • Expand – Starting Plans at $64.99 per month
  • Established Starting Plans at $89.99 per month

All reseller plans by GoDaddy come with a free integrated WHMCS license for up to 250 accounts.

GoDaddy Web Hosting all Benefits

Well After pricing of all web hosting by GoDaddy. Now let’s talk about the benefits if you like to go with GoDaddy web hosting.

  • Uptime Rates
  • Fast loading speed
  • Easy app installations
  • Email accounts
  • Backup
  • Price

Uptime Rates – Uptime directs to the time your website is up and running for visitors. That’s why it should be a focus consideration when examining at web hosting services.

If your plan can’t have strong uptimes, then you better begin looking elsewhere.

One of the reasons why GoDaddy has done so well over the years is because their uptimes certainly deliver. You can wish to see a 99.9% uptime rate on average throughout the year.

Most of the people use Pingdom to report website uptime. Pingdom is configured to create an HTTP request to the host every minute, and information if it is unreachable. It’ll also note an error if the host takes longer than 30 seconds to respond (Yes, that’s not actually down, but if your site takes that long to respond it is ineffective in my opinion). Pingdom conducts this test from at least 3 servers worldwide, and reports a problem if 2/3 servers do not respond. This test is important if you are concerned about the trustworthiness of your web host (this is important!)

Last 6-month average uptime – 

  • June 2023 – 99.94%
  • May 2023 – 99.98%
  • April 2023 – 100%
  • March 2023 – 99.91%
  • February 2023 – 100%
  • January 2023 – 99.96%

Throughout several years, their uptime has been unfailingly decent. 

Fast loading speed – It is a very common fact, that people think that cheap web hosting means slow loading speed. This is not a problem with GoDaddy. GoDaddy web hosting delivers your website with a fast loading speed. The test of GoDaddy at the test site has revealed a great average page loading time as low as 295 ms over the past 6 months. GoDaddy delivers excellent load times while in line with other cost-effective competitors.

Are they the fastest web hosting provider in the demand? No.

However, We are confident that you’ll be delighted with your website speed, regardless of the plan you choose. Obviously, selecting a higher-tiered plan will boost these times.

Easy app installations – GoDaddy also has its own website builder with a drag-and-drop function. It is excellent for beginners who have no coding skills and knowledge.

But for everyone who is looking for a little more than that, you can efficiently install over 125+ apps with just a single click. This contains content management platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

You’ll also have entrance to developer tools like MySQL, cPanel, Python, and multiple versions of PHP.

In short, GoDaddy’s app installations satisfy the needs of a beginner blogger, tech-savvy webmaster, and everyone in between.

Email accounts – In this feature, GoDaddy offers you to create a professional email address with your same domain name for free in this section. It’s as simple as filling in data like mailbox names and passwords. Always remember that this will only be good for casual use, as every email customer used is out of date and hosted on the same server as your website.

Backup – In this feature GoDaddy allows you to take manually back up the whole cPanel (with files and databases). This is a tool of protection or for website migration. It can save you if you damage your website or like to move it elsewhere.

Price – If you are looking for web hosting that has the best reliable features at a reasonable price, then Godaddy 1 dollar hosting is the best option for you. GoDaddy’s entry-level pricing wasn’t quite low sufficiently to make the list of the best cheap web hosting providers. However, their prices are absolutely competitive.

GoDaddy’s plans start at just $5.99 per month. Even if you select their highest shared hosting plan, it’s less than $240 per year.

That’s pretty reasonable, considering the high uptime and fast page loading rates that we just examined.

So if you are looking for a cheap and better friendly host, GoDaddy is a reliable option.

Is GoDaddy Offer Best Security Feature in This Industry?

No, absolutely not. We agree that GoDaddy is one of the best web hosting providers in various aspects but when it comes to security, GoDaddy is disappointing. GoDaddy’s Standard plans came with basic security features such as fraud, viruses, and spam guard. Email privacy and security are also had. However, this is the least a provider can do in this industry.

When we saw deeply their plans we were shocked they do not offer an SSL Certificate for their all plans. GoDaddy offers SSL certificates in only two plans that are more expensive shared hosting plans. And for one of them, it’s free for only one year.

That’s why we analyze the security features in all the plans. There are only 2 security features included in all shared web hosting plans of GoDaddy.

  • 24*7 network security – security and DDoS protection monitoring
  • Email privacy with full encryption
GoDaddy Customer Support

Customer Support – Customer support of any web hosting provider is a crucial feature of website hosting. If you have a query or an issue, it’s nice to know that you can get in touch with someone. To contact GoDaddy’s customer support, you can use one of two methods. You can either use the 24/7 live chat or phone support choice. GoDaddy service provider also offers an expansive knowledge base and a community forum.

At first, a chat with the bot was a must but they connected us with an agent really fast. So basically no delay time. At the same time, We are glad about the interaction. The agents of GoDaddy are polite and friendly.

Naturally, We want to say that GoDaddy’s Customer Support is alright. We must have to say that wait times are almost non-existent. Some agents are not totally fluent in English, So some miscommunications can occur. But Overall Customer Support of GoDaddy is great.

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