Gulf region is known for oil reserves and natural gas reserves. This leads to generation of large number of jobs in Gulf. The region is known for attractive tourist spots hence generating new Gulf jobs for a guide and driver. Travel and tourism industry is flourishing at a very fast rate in Gulf. Transportation industry is also becoming a thriving industry as it works closely with other sectors as well like in construction sector, logistics and many more generating more career opportunities for the job seekers.

What are the reasons for choosing Gulf as working destination?

When it comes to listing advantages of working in Gulf, then the list becomes very lengthy covering almost all the benefits. The list is as follows:

  • The region offers high salary packages to the locals as well as to the expats or foreigners
  • Good wages are offered to the labors if we compare it with other nations
  • The region provides safety and security to its residents
  • The area also provides luxurious lifestyle to its residents
  • Offers jobs to the new people i.e. expats
  • People of the region are always welcoming and ready to help others
  • Hospitality of Gulf region is excellent which in one way or the other is helping the government in making the region as global destination
  • No differentiation between the castes i.e. everyone is free to follow their religion without facing any restriction
  • The gulf countries have very strict laws thus ensuring safety to the women
  • They recognize new talents or fresher and values their skills and knowledge
  • In some states of Gulf medical insurance facilities are provided to the expats and if that is not the case reimbursement is provided to the employers irrespective of whether they are locals or foreigners
  • Fuel is cheap, making it a perfect destination for those who love to travel but at the very same time doesn’t want to put strain on their savings

Likewise the list is endless as different states offer different and at times unique benefits when compared with others making it a perfect choice to do Gulf jobs.

Top 5 jobs in demand  

  1. Doctors and nurses
  2. Travel industry jobs for example a guide etc
  3. Hospitality jobs for example cook etc
  4. Architect
  5. Civil engineers

The above mentioned list contains jobs which are high in demand and the growth opportunities are huge in number as the entire Gulf regions have large number of hospitals, huge hotels. Construction work is going on offering more and more Gulf jobs for the job seekers.

Apart from the above mentioned list there are some other sectors which are offering ample amount of job opportunities to the fresh as well as experienced candidates.

How to get top jobs in gulf region

There are many ways via which you can get jobs in Gulf

  • Word of mouth or referrals
  • Attending job fairs
  • Registering on job portals like Monstergulf, Indeed etc for free and then after completion of your profile. Start job search
  • Networking may also land you in a dream Gulf job.

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