Things To Look For While Choosing Reseller Hosting Plan

Starting your hosting reseller business?

Now that you are all set to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey, it is time to take the first and most important step.

Picking the best reseller hosting plan is the crucial foundation of success for any aspiring web hosting startup.

With reseller hosting gaining hype among entrepreneurs due to its convenience, and scalability, it is a great business idea with minimal investment.

However, the huge competitiveness in the market demands an impeccable hosting service to stand out.  Hence, you need to look for a plan that offers you the best features, complete manageability, and other benefits at reasonable costs.

The significance of Reseller Hosting

Being logistically simple and involving minimal investment, reselling hosting is no doubt a great business idea. As compared to other businesses, the set-up cost of a reseller hosting business is less.

It gives you complete freedom to expand the hosting business with your brand while the server maintenance, hardware setup, software upgradation, and other technical undertakings are taken care of by the upstream host.

That means you need to only focus on marketing the service and the revenue saved on administration and support personnel can be utilized for online advertising methods.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be a technical expert to engage in the reseller business. Reseller hosting business is quite beneficial, but before diving into the field, it is crucial to have prior knowledge of some critical things that play a major role in the realm of reseller hosting.

Here are 5 things you should look for while narrowing down on a reseller hosting provider.

Customizable Packages

The needs of every client or business differ, and hence you need to sell customized packages. Along with a number of domains, every plan must have an assigned bandwidth, disk space, and emails.

It is advised to forecast the growth of your business before customizing the packages while keeping the target group of your business in mind. The bandwidth or storage space need of your client can be derived from these inputs.

So, in order to satiate the varying needs of your clients, you must figure out whether your parent firm offers customizable packages. This way, you can scale your services as required.  Also, don’t forget to check whether your web host partner offers up-gradation option. As your clients will increase over a period of time, you may have to upgrade their plans as well.

Uptime Score

The parent company’s uptime score is very crucial to consider while selecting a reseller hosting plan.  It is recommended to choose a 24×7 operating web host that works on potent servers and stable network connections.  Any uptime score below 99.5% percent may adversely impact your customer’s business.

Client Reviews

It is important to know what other clients have to say about the hosting company before making a decision.

Go through the feedback related to client satisfaction and find out whether the reviews are favorable or if there are any network problems, security issues, and unplanned downtimes mentioned in the reviews.

No doubt reseller hosting is a fast and reliable way to set up a web hosting business but conduct thorough market research before taking the plunge.  Opt for the upstream host who offers excellent service and competitive pricing.

Regular Maintenance

The parent web host is responsible for timely hardware setup, server maintenance, regular software updates and efficient implantation of security measures.

These are crucial for ensuring 24×7 operating servers. Also, make sure your upstream hosting provider offers DDOS mitigation services along with custom Firewall configuration, and Hyper-Availability (H/A) with several redundancies.

Customer Support

Round-the-clock support and quick response is something that every client expects. A robust client support system is the critical facets of a reselling business, and your hosting partner must be able to offer sound customer support to your clients. Any urgent issues should be fixed instantly by one-on-one contact and support.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right reseller hosting plan will be effective in the long run for your reseller hosting business. So, if you want to see your revenues rising without investing much, keep these aspects in mind before selecting any reseller hosting service provider.

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