SEO Marketing vs. Traditional Online Marketing

Marketing your business requires an effective approach to gain a solid customer base. The challenges in your marketing journey are inevitable, but with a tried and tested strategy, you will be able to achieve your goals. Since marketing is a vital component for growing your business, there are two types of marketing approaches that you need to explore: SEO marketing and Traditional marketing.

Both of these marketing approaches aim to increase your brand exposure for a wider reach. In this modern day and age, businesses are forced to keep up with the rapid changes in technology. This is where the million dollar question lingers: Is traditional online marketing still relevant?

Traditional Online Marketing

Traditional online marketing is defined as any type of campaign and advertising through the Internet to promote products and services. It uses primary business models like affiliate marketing, local search and many more. Its main objective is to identify the target audience of your business and analyze their behavior. More often than not, businesses using traditional online marketing will even provide an incentive to the customer to get them to purchase products or services. It is also imperative to take channels or location into consideration. For traditional online marketing to work, organizations must use the right media mix.

Examples of Traditional Online Marketing:

Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing.

Pay-per-click Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

SEO Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strategy, which tailors websites based on search engine algorithms for the purpose of ranking websites with the use of relevant keywords, content, backlinks and other components. Organizations need to keep track of changes and updates in search engine algorithms as failing to follow best practices will affect ranking. SEO marketing lets you reach your target audience when they are searching for information related to the products and services you offer. When compared with traditional online marketing, SEO leads have 14.6% close rate. SEO marketing does not only concentrate on improving your visibility but also in converting website visitors to customers here read more.

Which Marketing Strategy Delivers Better Results?

 It is easy to confuse traditional online marketing with SEO marketing because both techniques are employed using the Internet. However, each approach has its own distinction especially in terms of methods.

SEO Marketing’s goal is to ensure that your website gets to the front page of search engines. Page ranking is important because the higher you rank, the more exposed you are to your target audience. Aside from Page Rank, Social Signal is also a marketing factor in SEO marketing. Page ranking is affected by the number of “tweets” or “likes” a blog or article will get.

SEO marketing can either be done on-site or off-site:

#On-site SEO refers to the techniques you can apply to your website so you achieve a search-engine friendly page. There are different ways search-friendly web page can be achieved such as using optimized titles, proper use of images, headings and many more.

#Off-site SEO involves obtaining votes from other websites to increase credibility and earn search engine’s trust. The votes are determined via the links from other websites to your site. This method is more commonly known as link building. It counts the number of links directed to your website. The link sources also matter in off-site SEO.

Benefits of SEO Marketing & Increases Brand Awareness

The first thing you need to establish to increase brand awareness is trust. Your brand will only instill trust if it has already built its credibility by having high page rank. Only SEO can help you gain more exposure to your prospects. Your website stands a better chance of being noticed by potential customers if your content and pages rank in high search engine positions.

Drives Significant Traffic

Another benefit you will reap from employing SEO marketing techniques is enjoying a steady stream of traffic to your website. This is obtained when relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags are used. These components appear in the result pages. Optimized descriptions and tags help increase your click-through rate. It is also another factor that improves web traffic.


Promoting your business can be costly if you do not see any result from your marketing efforts. SEO marketing ensures your products and services are exposed to your target audience. There is no need to spend vast amounts of money on advertising because using the right keywords will expose your website to users searching for products and services that match yours.

Traditional online marketing strategies used to be the name of the game. As changes in the digital landscape become inevitable, businesses are left with no choice but to up their game. This is when SEO has become a widely adopted approach. If you are using traditional online marketing and still not getting any desirable results, Omega SEO in madison will create a game plan for you. We make sure you get quantifiable results.


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