Popular Instagram WordPress Plugins Which Can Make Your Website Stand Out

Like most entrepreneurs operating an online business, you are perhaps aware of the importance of social media marketing for your organization. This is the reason why you go out of your way to make it a critical component of your establishment’s overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Experts specializing in this field say Instagram should be your first choice when it comes to deciding which social media networking platform to use to promote your brand products. This popular photo-sharing application enables you to upload the pictures of such goods at your convenience and share such images with your target audience via other networks. It may come as a surprise for you to know there some popular Instagram WordPress plugins you can install on your business website to generate more organic traffic.

Top 6 Popular Instagram WordPress Plugins 

Such professionals go on to point out that in to achieve such an objectiveyou should consider installing the following free popular Instagram WordPress plugins on your business website:

  1. Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed allows you exhibit eye-catching photos of the brand productsyou wish to sell to the public with relevant hashtagsfrom multiple social media networking accounts. You have the option to exhibit such images with either one or more feeds which you can customizeaccording to your needs. You also have the opportunity to use cascading case sheets (CSS) of your choice to ensure your business website stands out from the crowd. You can appreciate the popularity of this free Instagram WordPress plugin from the fact that approximately 300,000 people who have an active profile on Instagram use it for various purposes.

  1. Active Press Instagram Feed

By opting to install an Active Press Instagram Feed plugin to your WordPress website, you can display the images of your brand products on a mosaic gallery. Experts say such a feature will not fail to attract the attention of your target audience. After connecting this plugin to your organization’s Instagram account using the right application program interface (API), you have the option to display your images on three distinct layouts. These are the normal mode, slider or lightbox. You should know that this WordPress Instagram plugin is user-friendly and very responsive to most smartphones. It is possible for you to connect it to Instagram Feed using a short-code or a convenient widget.

  1. Instagram Profile

If you are looking to install stunning galleries on your WordPress website to display your brand products to your target audience, then Instagram Portfolio should be your first choice. The plugin contains 15 hover effect features which will work perfectly for your businesssite to ensure it captures the attention of your customers. You can exhibit popular Instagram photos and videos with this popular plugin which you can customize according to your needs. You have the option also to index the galleries you create with this feature according to the username, geographical locations, and popular hashtags. It is possible for members of your target audience to view the images of products you are trying to sell them according to a scale of their choice. This is bound to increase the popularity of your business websites among people who have an active profile on Instagram. However, you can even buy such Instagram likes, shares, views and followers by visiting Gram Blast.

  1. Instagram Theatre

Experts explain that is one of the most popular Instagram plugins for WordPress business websites. You just need to view its demo page on the internet to understand the reason followers of this prominent social media networking platform love it. The plugin allows members of your target audience to view the images you wish to display according to user profiles, popular hashtags and even the source location of such pictures. They even see the galleries you create in the form of a list, exquisite thumbnails or full-screen mode. The plugin also enables you to collect profiles from different sources and put them into a single gallery. This feature is user-friendly, and the galleries you create using it is responsive to the latest smartphones available in the market. This implies that your target audience will not have any difficulty in viewing the images you want them to see using such devices.

  1. InstaLink

People who have an active profile on Instagram also refer to this WordPress Instagram plugin as Instagram Widget. To make a gallery to display the images you want members of your target audience to see from a userprofile with this feature, you have some options. These include username, catchy hashtags, and even user-friendly image filters. You can change the widget colors as per your needs and adjust the exact size of the images you wish to display. The plugin is highly responsive to smartphone, and you can use it as a convenient visual composer to come up with a better design for your business website.

  1. DsgnWrks Instagram Importer

This WordPress Instagram plugin can enable you to import popular posts on this social media networking platform to attach to the blogs you write up on your business website. Experts point out that you will not face any difficulty in installing this plugin to your site. It also gives you complete control on how you wish to display the images you import on the galleries you create for the convenience of your target audience.

Experts say if you are looking for a social media networking platform that can showcase your creative and generate more organic traffic to the website, then Instagram should be your first choice. The above six popular WordPress Instagram plugins give you enough freedom to display the images and videos you upload on your site in a way that can make them appealing to your customers. This is the reason why businesses are going out of their way to use such features to achieve their objective of attracting more online browsers to websites. Your organization should always be doing the same thing if it wants to gain the competitive advantage in the market and increase its website’s rankings on the result pages of popular search engines.

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