4 Best Ways to Control and Maintain Your Home Network

Everybody needs a home Wi-Fi system and all in today’s world of modern technology are used to of it. But a network is actually a network only when it is reliable and provides us high security. Netgear acts in the same way as it offers such a vast range of safe Wi-Fi products that are very useful and adorable in today’s life. They are not just the products; they are the hope of people. Netgear Wi-Fi Extender Setup needs just a little time and effort of yours and gives you the high speed of secure Internet in return.

7 Steps to perform a successful Netgear Wi-Fi Extender Setup

  • Do not create differences between your router and the extender.
  • Both of them should be physically and properly connected via Ethernet cable.
  • Plug them both in and wait until the power LEDs on both the devices turn solid green.
  • Connect your computer and extender with the help of another Ethernet cable.
  • Carefully type mywifiext into the address bar of any web browser.
  • Install the Netgear Genie app from the play store and take your installation to an end through the Netgear Genie Setup page.
  • Introduce your home network to the latest technology and meet the needs of it.

What more does a home network needs:

  • Superior Hardware– It can best be described as the physical element that works for your wired and wireless and is mainly used for connecting them with each other. Without hardware your any device wouldn’t work. They are just like “A body without soul”.
  • Supplementary software– Is extensions that add extra texture to computer programming and also helps in extending and adding new functions to it.
  • Latest Technology Trends: – This is the act of making the program always ready for execution and also keeps you updated to meet the needs of the latest trends and technologies.
  • Netgear Genie Setup: – Is the most up-running app that except the challenges of the latest technology. It works both on wired as well as wireless devices that control and manage your Wi-Fi system with a secure network.

Maintain Your Home Network or Wi-Fi system:

  1. Promote your home network to updated technologies

Most of people don’t have time to waste on their devices in order to upgrade them. They take them all lightly and at the end, they just regret that why wouldn’t they have done before. You are supposed to be familiar with your Internet speed.

  1. Understand the capabilities of home networking

You should take care of your network that what is actually needed. New hardware products arrived according to the needs of people. The new capabilities we offer are most essential for future planning in the form of security. We assure you that your existing home network and hardware equipment provide you support for up to decades.

  1. Routers and Modems

Your existing Wi-Fi network acquires both wired and wireless methods. Routers work as the backbone of your home network that supports your Wi-Fi, adaptors, and Ethernet cable. They are continuously adding new features that meet the latest technologies to your home network. Whereas modems are the eyes of your home network that enables the security setting. You just need to connect both of them through an Ethernet cable.

Maintenance: – Every hardware equipment of your home connects themselves with each other through USB cable or follows the latest technology “Bluetooth”. Through them, we can also share and exchange images, valuable documents, software components, etc. They all follow the same basic process along with their different IPs. But the main element is all these are the Routers. They aid to be the final step that is used for any installation, configuration, and transferring data from one device to another. It should not be over-heated and properly connected with those devices that you want to receive and extend the network range. Its amplifiers should be in a standing position and its Internet ports should be away from dust.

  1. Install firewall security to keep yourself free from worries

The firewall securities create a wall between the intruders and your home network. Whenever a hacker tries to access your network, the extra smart feature of installed security immediately notifies you.

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