Heating Issue With iPhone – How Can You Get It Fixed?

Most of the iPhone users, of late, are being pushed to confront a new dilemma. The issue is indeed of grave concern. With their respective devices overheating, they are bound to have a difficult time.

The problem seems to be affecting the various Apple models. In fact, some of the devices are reported to display a message such as this “ iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”.

Despite spending a fortune, Apple devices are prone to technical glitches. This does not mean that the user needs to dump the device. On the contrary, the solution is to find a way to fix the issue, which of course is a possibility. Given the scenario, all you need is a bit of patience and of course, some amount of luck.

Well, of course, one must look at the causes, which will then help to locate a proper solution. Since the issue is about iPhone getting overheated, proper alternatives must be sourced.

The reason why your iPhone gets overheated

By and large, there are several reasons why your iPhone gets overheated. This usually occurs, while performing activities that put a lot of strain on the battery and CPU. Some of the apparent factors are being listed below:

  • While trying to access applications such as Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube.
  • Playing video games on a continuous basis for a long time.
  • iPhones are optimized to work at temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius. Anything more than that, the device ceases to perform.

How fixed iphone overheating problems

fixed overheating iphone problems

Your immediate concern should be to cool the overheated iPhone. For a change, you can follow the steps described herein:

  • If possible, remove the case from your iPhone.
  • Try to shut down the device for some time. ‘
  • Stay away from charging the iPhone.
  • For quick respite, stop playing games or using apps for which the device gets overheated.
  • Switch to Airplane mode.
  • Do not use Bluetooth, as it will complicate the matters.

These steps will be of some assistance, as far as reducing the temperature of your iPhone is concerned. If things don’t work, then you will have to look for other modes, so as to solve the riddle of overheating.

Some other options you can employ

  1. Remove any software permissions: The background refresh feature in your iPhone automatically refreshes apps that run in the background. In such a scenario, it would be a good idea to turn off the background refresh. Better you can remove software permissions from all those apps which are of no use at the moment. In doing so, there is a good chance of cooling down the iPhone.


  1. Stop playing games for a longer duration: When you continue to play games for a longer period, it puts a lot of stress on the CPU. The battery performance will also drop drastically. The best you can do is to stop playing these intensive games. Better, it makes sense to delete the games from your device.


  1. Update the iOS on your device: If the iOS in your device is yet to be updated, then make sure to get it. The old version might not be optimized and this might be one of the reasons for which the device gets overheated.


  1. Opt to “ Reset All Settings”: In case, the iOS update is not much of any help, when it comes to resolving the overheating issue, then you can try to “ Reset All Things”. While this move will not erase any of the saved data, but it will surely eliminate personal preferences like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, General Settings, Privacy, Sounds, Brightness and so forth.


Final Thoughts

The issue of iPhone getting hot should not be ignored. In fact, proper analysis of the issue must be done to identify the real source of the problem. Rather than waiting for the worst to come, you must emphasize more on finding a remedy that addresses your present concern.

By following the remedial steps mentioned, you may find some respite. If not, you must approach the Apple certified experts for prompt assistance. This way, you will find a consistent solution that in turn appeals to your situation.

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