Hostgator managed servers Coupon 2018

Fully Managed Server web hosting

Managed hosting is a service where you do not need to worry about your website. With managed hosting all the management that your website needs will be provided or taken care of by the web hosting company. In short, the managed hosting means that the hosting provider cares for all your server-related issues. Managed hosting is the perfect solution for those who need to focus on the core of the business. Hostgator Managed Service manages your hardware and you focus on your software. With Hostgator Coupons, you will get many offers & deals by which you can save your valuable money. A fully Managed Dedicated Server is the setup and operates a complete web server.

Advantages of Hostgator Managed Hosting

  • The most important advantage of managed hosting is that you will get a dedicated server for your website.
  • With Hostgator Managed hosting you need not worry about your website because of your website handled by experts.
  • Your website is totally secure with managed hosting.
  • A Hostgator managed to host includes Cpanel which helps you to manage your account and website efficiently.

Hostgator Managed Server

Hostgator Managed Hosting Server
Hostgator Managed Hosting Servers

If you are running a bigger business then Hostgator Managed Server is the best option for you. With the dedicated server, you do not need to share your server with anyone else. You can manage your website by your own as you want. There are four types of plans which provided by Hostgator Dedicated Server such as:

  1. Basic Management Server– It provides you Intel E3-1220LV2 CPU with many features like 2.30 GHz Dual Core w/HT, 4GB RAM, 1000GB HDD in RAID 1, 5TB Transfer, 2Free IPs.
  2. Standard Basic Management– It provides you Intel E3-1265LV2 CPU with features like 2.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT, 4GB RAM, 1000GB HDD in RAID 1, 5TB Transfer, 2Free IPs.
  3. Elite Management – Here you will get Intel E3-1265LV2 it has many features like 2.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT, 8GB RAM, 1000GB HDD IN RAID 1, 10TB Transfer, 2Free IPs.
  4. Pro-Management– It offers you Intel E3-1230V2 CPU with features like 3.20 GHz Quad Core w/HT, 16GB RAM, 1000 GB HDD in RAID 1, 15TB Transfer, 2Free IPs.

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