Today’s honest review: How is InMotion making its mark in the competitive web hosting landscape?

Finding the best hosting company for your website can be more difficult than finding an apartment in New York City. The ones you like are always out of your budget, and the ones within your reach do not seem to cover everything you need. The perfect option for website owners is one that combines great features with top quality and smart pricing. InMotion is such a website hosting provider. It has been on top of the ranks for quite a few years due to its exclusive features, a range of website supportive functions and flexible pricing.

Nonetheless, it is imperative for any client to judge his or her options through unbiased reviews of the provider. Paid reviews and sponsored advertisements do increase the visibility of a business, but at the same time, it takes away the power of choice from the customers. This unbiased InMotion Hosting review will cover many features that can help you decide if it is the best option for your website or company. A neutral review should include the following –

  1. The overall quality of the service
  2. The pros of choosing InMotion
  • The cons of choosing InMotion
  1. Why should you give this web hosting a try?

What’s the word on the overall quality and usability?

InMotion is a reputed hosting service that has an impressive overall score and rating. It is ideal for small or medium websites looking for shared hosting plans. In fact, it is quite well-suited for smaller e-commerce websites and medium WordPress hosting plans. However, you should not pick InMotion if –

  1. You are a large e-commerce site that can afford dedicated hosting plans.
  2. You are a large site that garners millions of views per month.
  3. You need a plan for hosting more than six sites on one shared hosting plan for cheaper than $10 per month.

What are the advantages of working with InMotion Hosting?

Here are a few of the advantages you will enjoy while working with InMotion

Incredible renewal costs – If you have a penchant for special offers and discounts, you will find working with InMotion most satisfactory. The Renewal fees are amicable, which is rare among other hosting providers. The renewal prices are in the neighborhood of $8.99, $10.99 and $15.00 for the shared hosting plans.

Unlimited disk space and bandwidth – many hosting providers claim to provide unlimited bandwidth and storage but cap the services after a limit. InMotion is not one of them. You can use as many resources and as much as you want. In case, your website keeps exceeding the shared hosting plans. The company will intimate you with your VPS hosting options. While it is not truly unlimited, the resource it provides is usually enough for smaller websites.

Speed and uptime –InMotion have impressive uptime records, and a high speed even for the most basic shared hosting plans. The company leverages enterprise-grade Dell servers and super fast SSD drives for powering their quick response time. They refrain from overselling their server resources that are unforeseen among many contemporary web hosts. In fact, several analytical studies claim than InMotion might as well be faster than BlueHost, HostGator and GoDaddy. Additionally, this hosting service enjoys close to 100% uptime 24/7/365.

Expert customer support system –InMotion provides the clients with round the clock customer service. It includes live chat, toll-free contact numbers, and email services. Although the email service team requires some amount of time to respond, the call services and live chat options provide prompt service. The experts are always there to satisfy your queries and redress your concerns. They will help you grow with InMotion by providing you easy access to more resources, expanded disk space and enhanced functionalities to accommodate your website needs.

The best WordPress hosting options – they have three of the most lucrative WordPress hosting plans in the world. These shared hosting plans come with preinstalled and user-ready WordPress, auto-installer options, free domain services, free SSD drivers, unlimited hosting and up-gradation of safety services. It is clear the InMotion offers more services and functionalities are comparably lower prices than other leading web hosting services.

E-commerce integration – this Website hosting service promises and delivers one-click installation of SSL certificates. Along with the easy scale-up options and pocket-friendly pricing, InMotion is indeed a better option for new and fast-growing e-commerce websites than the costlier dedicated hosting providers. Combining their stellar customer support system with pre-installed WordPress, this web host becomes one of the best choices for an online entrepreneur.

Free website transfer and free backup services –InMotion allows the transfer of up to 3 sites from the server to other web hosts. Additionally, they also promise 0% downtime during the process and complete protection against data loss. In case of several different hosts, this is a costly process. InMotion has a comprehensive cPanel design that is user-friendly and systemic. You can gain complete control of your account from the cPanel that contains all tools, data, and files necessary.

Why can make you reconsider InMotion as your hosting?

Every service has its inherent pros and cons. You can find out all about the drawbacks of InMotion right here –

  1. The Boldgrid website builder is not dynamic –while the BoldGrid website builder is easy to use, you cannot create elegant, lightweight and dynamic websites using it.
  2. Backup storage limitations –even with the unlimited bandwidth and automated backup, InMotion experiences a severe setback since they limit backup restoration. Websites using InMotion can access free backup only about once a month.
  • Limitations on the number of websites –InMotion restrict the number of sites per plan. It only allows unlimited sites on its most massive shared hosting plan.

What is the overall opinion on InMotion?

InMotion deserves a try due to its –

  1. Reasonable pricing and renewal fees
  2. High speed and uptime
  • Expert support system for the customers
  1. Evolved cPanel and tool suite for website admins
  2. Enhanced security and better e-commerce hosting plans
  3. Free website transfer facilities
  • Affordable WordPress hosting plans with ready-to-use features
  • Scalable features and functionalities for all levels of users

Considering the pros of this hosting service, most website owners and online entrepreneurs decide to live with the cons or work with them. While considering InMotion as your potential website host, do not forget to consider their 90-days money-back guarantee, lack of hidden fees and free tool suite.

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