Highlights of Modern Computer KeyBoards

Wired keyboards usage had been in use since the invention of computer. Due to technological development, usage of older products have declined.  In this wireless era, electronic devices like keyboard, mouse, microphone, earbuds are connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to desktops or laptops enabling these items to have an extendable space reach without any constraints of wires or cables.

Computer keyboards are now wireless and selecting a suitable wireless keyboard needs an overview of different models available in the market.

Apple’s Wireless KeyBoards

US tech giant Apple has wireless keyboard and also a Bluetooth keyboard model. The wireless keyboard model is compact in size and its soft buttons enable users to have an easy touch without any rigidness.

AA size batteries are used and they have a normal life span of 3 years. AA size batteries are enabled with Auto turn off feature saves the power when the keyboard is not in use. A major highlight of the model is its back light facility behind the keyboard enabling a user to type during night hours.

Another keyboard from Apple operating on Bluetooth has been built with light weight design and it can be operated at a range of 30 feet distance.

iClever Folding KeyBoard

iClever Folding keyboard has a sensitive Touch pad and this is one of the notable keyboard models having keys and touch pad together. Since it is also foldable, it can be reduced to a compact size to get itself fit into two-wheelers. 3 Bluetooth devices can be connected together to iCloud keyboard.

Aslo, the keys of iCloud are 10 per cent lighter than that of normal keys thus making it less weight but it is guaranteed for robust design.

Logitech Wireless Wave Combo

Logitech Wireless Wave Combo has a keyboard and mouse setup with perfect ergonomics. A curved keyboard design developed in it is more suitable for professionals who need to type for a long time with their laptop or desktop. The highlighting aspect of the combo is that it works around 30 feet radius or 10 metres distance range wireless.

Logitech k400 With TouchPad

Simlar to iClever, this model from Logitech also has a touch pad at the right end but this feature made it a lengthier one and it is suitable for usage in living rooms or dining rooms as it can also be operated at a long range to operate desktop or computer enabled TV sets. If there is a need to connect it to a desktop or laptop, it can be done easily just by using a dongle in the USB Port of the system.

Contrary to this, Logitech K360 keyboard model’s size is almost 20 percent smaller than that of conventional keyboard models. The model operates on a frequency of 2.4 GHz and the keys are encrypted with 128 bit of AES encrypting codes.

Students may also like Eagle Tec combo because it provides keyboards with waterproof and accident free facility even when you drop it from your working table.

Ivation Letter Iluminated Large print size keyboard illuminates light on the pad making it helpful for vision blurred persons and people of old age.

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