Complete Guide To Install Setup Exodus On Kodi

Exodus Kodi has free movies and TV shows for you. It is having one of the most wonderful interfaces available in a Kodi movies addon. Many developers are emulating the original Kodi Exodus user interface due to its popularity. There have been many alternatives available to Kodi Exodus movies addon but none of it is having the elegance and simplicity that the original one from Lambda in the TVAddons repo days has.

Long ago, Lambda has stopped developing and maintaining third-party add-ons for Kodi. Exodus has been receiving many updates from many other developers in various forms since Lambda has stopped the development of the original.  None of the best Exodus alternatives has gained much popularity as the original but a few named such as Placenta, Neptune Rising, and Covenant had come close to its fame before they were taken back due to the pressure from the allegations of piracy.

The installation process of Exodus on Kodi will be shown in detail in this article by Technographx. If you have installed an older version of Exodus on Kodi, you can uninstall the addon and then install the latest Exodus update from KodiBae repository.

Now, first of all, you will need to enable the unknown sources in Kodi Krypton. The XBMC Foundation will not allow the installation of third-party add-ons that includes letting you install Exodus on Kodi 17.6 without this crucial step.

The KodiBae repo home can be found out at GitHub under the user kodibae. You can also use the addon of Git Browser from TV addons for installing the Kodi Bae repo. The GitHub source is the best way for a clean and fully updated version of Kodi Bae repository.

The LazyKodi repository source URL will be used over here which is having a clean copy of KodiBae repo zip file in it. The own repo URL is not there with KodiBae at this point of time but it can be downloaded directly from its GitHub source. The TV Add-ons Git Browser add-on is a very easy way for doing this. You will be able to include repos, videos, wizards, builds and others directly from their GitHub repositories.

The great repo KodiBae which is the home to the latest Exodus Kodi addon can also be accessed from within the repo source of Lazy Kodi.

Click the System Icon from above the left menu in Kodi.

Then click on the file manager.

Then, click on the Add source in the left.

Now, choose <None> for inputting a custom source location.

Now, click OK. You can name this repository source location Kodi bae and then double check that there are no typos and then click the OK button.

Now, we will have a look at the process of installing Exodus Repo: KodiBae From Lazy Kodi Repository Source URL

First of all, head back to the Kodi home screen and then click on the Add-ons menu item.

Now, click the Add-ons browser icon above the menu.

Now, choose to install from zip file.

Now, click on the Kodi bae source input earlier.

Now, enter the Zips directory.

Now, click for beginning repo install.

Now, a notice will come to make you know Kodi Bae Repository Add-on installed

Now, just have a look at how to install the latest version of Exodus Kodi addon.

First of all, click on install from repository.

Now, click on Kodi Bae Repository.

Now, click on Video Add-ons.

Now, scroll down to and click on Exodus.

Now, click the install button for the Exodus download and install to begin.

You will see a popup dialog once Exodus downloads and installs with Exodus Add-on installed.

You will be able to open the TV programs and Exodus movies from stations and all the channels of the world.

Many users are having the question that whether this platform is legal and safe or not then let us inform them that it is perfectly legal. Though many of the TV shows and streaming movies that you found by the Exodus download may be from the illegal pirate sites.

Now, just have a look at the steps for updating Exodus on Kodi. The Exodus add-on needs to be updated for streaming sources. Follow the steps for doing that.

Click Add-ons on the main screen.

Now, go into My add-ons.

Now, enter Video Add-ons.

Now, click on Exodus.

There will be an update button on the bottom.

So, this was the complete guide for installing Exodus on Kodi. There are many best Exodus alternative available, you can select the best from them.

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