5 Creative Content Ideas You Should Have for Your Own e-Commerce Website

In the world of e-commerce, content is vital. Content plays a huge role as in e-commerce as it is the major tool in search engine optimization which seeks to drive traffic to the site and ultimately improving e-commerce conversion as a result.

With more and more competitors, players in the e-commerce industry must be creative in all they do – even when it comes to their content. And to be able to do just that, the following are some ideas that you can consider implementing:

Add more Extensive Product Information, Images, Video, etc.

Adidas’ way of product visuals, description, and customization

Content refers to the totality of the stuff you put on your pages which includes texts, images, videos, and more. As an e-commerce store business, content is best used for product pages by means of product information.

But the usual content in product pages won’t cut it. To be able to go the extra mile, you’ll need to take your content strategy one step further by improving your product information. You should use photos and videos to provide more insights and virtual look on your products for sale. It would also be great if you would be able to provide other relevant information on your product such as features, benefits, operating instructions, etc.

There’s a lot of ways that you can improve on your product information by using various content elements so make sure that you strategize your content well.

User Generated Content: Videos & Images

You can actually make use of user-generated content on you e-commerce site. Doing this can actually help you score some good quality content while at the same time improving your engagement with your customers.

Here are some ways on which you can capture user-generated content:

  • Running a best photo or video contest

Klaud9’s Photo Contest

You can host a contest of the best photo or video regarding certain topics that are connected to your business. Offer a reward such as free products for those who will be chosen. Also inform them that the photo or video will be featured on your site.

  • Holding a best comment or post competition

Johnson’s Best Story Contest

You may also ask your customers to provide you with some well-crafted post about a topic of your choice. This may be about a cause you’re brand is related to, or an upcoming occasion. Again, featuring this post on your site or on your social media pages plus some rewards will help you gain submissions.


  • Actively seeking customer reviews and posting these on your site or on your business’ social media pages.

It’s also great if you are getting customer feedback especially when it comes to your products for sale. A lot of potential customers rely on product reviews before they may a purchase so it is best to encourage those who buy to submit a feedback in exchange for, let’s say, a discount for future purchases.

With these tactics, you are highly-likely to come across some high quality content that you can use and post. Just make sure though that you credit the owner. And as you do, you are encouraging more quality content, and fostering a stronger relationship with your customers at the same time. A win-win situation.

Loyalty Rewards for Customers

It is great if you can encourage loyalty from your customers. There are lots of ways to do this such as earning points for every purchase, and then exchanging earned points for discounts or products. Strategically place on your page cues that can inspire customer loyalty such as banners saying something in the line of “earn points in to get this amazing product for free”, or “enjoy shopping and get a chance to win a trip”.

This is a strategy that can help you directly earn sales. But the execution relies on a well-crafted content. You’ll need to be able to convince your customers that they would be getting a lot more value for buying more.

You should also learn to make use of attractive call-to-action buttons to invite customers to use them. Your CTA buttons may be for signing up, for adding to cart, for reserving for an upcoming product, and others.

The totality of your content elements should work hand-in-hand in enticing your customers to be active on your site, and to remain so.

Social Media Power

It is undeniable that social networking sites have become a powerhouse for almost everything including e-commerce. It is therefore essential to integrate social media into your total marketing strategy.

For starters, implementing a social login can help make it easier for customers to sign up for your site. But more than just simplifying the registration process, you can also make use of social media to boost your content marketing initiatives.

You can come up with social media campaigns such as making use of catchy hashtags and inviting your customers to use the same when they post regarding your products. This can help make an online buzz that can even drive more customers to your site.

There’s no clear answer to which social media site can best bring about your desired results so it is best to be active on as much as you can. It may be tough, but you’ll be able to make use of each of these social media sites’ user base, as well as unique offerings, to your advantage. Spreading your content on more than one platform also helps your site reach farther and wider so it’s great to be out there.

In the End

Creativity is a value that can set you apart from your competitors. Your content is one aspect of your e-commerce site that needs your creativity the most. If done right, your content can help deliver your goals for your e-commerce business so do your best and make your content work for you.

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