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Metrics To Watch On Social Media

Social Media Metrics

The word metrics on its own is just a fancy word for measurement.In the case of social media, metrics refers to the data used to analyze the impact of a social media account on its audience. This means you can get an accurate measurement of how many people saw and interacted with your posts. Why …

SharedCount Helping You to Measure the Impact of Content Marketing

Measure the Impact of Content Marketing

Having a good content marketing campaign is an excellent way to enhance your relationship with a target audience. Brand awareness is equally a significant component of a marketing campaign. The more clients learn of your brand, the more they will consider your products. However, you need to understand how your content marketing strategy is working. …

The Ultimate Guide To Building a strong follower base on Instagram

building strong followers on instagram

With the changing lifestyle and the fast-paced notion of life, it is becoming more and more difficult to have time for each and everything we do. The concept of relaxation is even getting ritualized, and people tend to spend a major amount of time in a day on social media platforms. The Instagram account is …