$1 WordPress web hosting plan

Godaddy is the largest elevated name in the online business. Now it is offering WordPress hosting which helps you to build an attractive website on WordPress. Invest less and you will able to gain more benefits in this WordPress hosting. WordPress is the primary platform that beginners and bloggers select first when they are going to start their online business. There are three platforms on which generally websites created in WordPress, HTML, and PHP, etc.


Why WordPress is so Popular?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). There are numerous reasons why millions of peoples are using WordPress. The major reason is that it’s an easily accessible and usable platform to start a website. All you have to do that get a full tutorial about WordPress. There are several accessibility features that you can do in WordPress let’s see:-

Easy to access website design: – when you are going to create a website to complete a huge market in the sense of an online market properly. You should have a website which can attract more peoples into your design and WordPress is one of the largest platforms which gives you chance to customize your website every minute and every second.


Create Post, manage comments, and change the website appearance

WordPress is only the platform that gives these kinds of flexibilities in your website. It is providing an easy way to manage your posts you can also easy to edit all comments which peoples do on your post in the future. Change your website appearance in every second you can manage these all through an easy login.

Download Plug-ins widgets and themes

Widgets and plug-ins are complements on a free WordPress blog like butter on bread. There are thousands of free and paid themes which also can add a new taste in your website.

Advantages of WordPress


 Several advantages which are described as follow:-

  • Easy to use website designs
  • No Prior technology Knowledge required
  • User friendly
  • Easy way to add Media and videos
  • SEO Friendly
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • You can easily customize the website

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