InMotion hosting – The difference between VPS and Shared Business Plans

InMotion Hosting is a large and independent web host provider that specializes in various fast hosting plans, they make sure that all their plans have sufficient resources and do not overwhelm their servers with accounts.

InMotion Hosting offers various hosting plans including dedicated servers, shared hosting, and virtual private server hosting such as can be seen on the following Inmotion Hosting reviews. InMotion is a significant player in the web hosting industry, which is suitable for medium-sized and small businesses, providing fast and cost-effective hosting services backed by excellent customer service.

If you are expecting a high number of clients to your eCommerce site, especially if you cater for local clients in the US, then you can also take advantage of their Max Speed Zone provided by InMotion Hosting. InMotion maintains its data centers on the US coasts, and that is why they offer you the option to select which coast you want to host your server on, such that you are closer to your primary customer base.

What is InMotion Virtual Private Server Hosting?

 A VPS is a virtualized server that is used to host a website. This is one of the InMotion hosting plans that allow companies to scale up, by providing more control and root access over the server. InMotion was one of the first companies to launch a VPS in the market.

As a plan, InMotion VPS hosting lies in the between of a dedicated server and shared hosting plans. It is less expensive than a dedicated server but offers some features that make it almost the same as the dedicated host (but with fewer resources). Overall, InMotion VPS hosting works perfectly for many medium-sized and small businesses, depending on how you wish to customize your server.

The good thing about InMotion hosting VPS is that it offers free server management which gives you the freedom to concentrate on the other crucial aspects of your business.

Features of InMotion VPS Hosting

There are several features that you can enjoy using InMotion VPS hosting for your business including;

MYSQL Databases

If you want to keep your application functioning and data organized, then you must have MYSQL databases, with access to the latest versions of the software such as MariaDB to help you achieve that goal of having fast websites. With unlimited databases, you can install and create as many blogs or any platform that you want.

FTP Accounts

If you have many people who are working for you or you are reselling hosting services, then you need to create FTP accounts with various access levels to allow your clients to access their files.

Individual cPanel Sub-accounts

If you are planning to start reseller hosting services, then you need unlimited Cpanel accounts to allow your clients to manage their emails, FTP accounts, and domains.

Email Accounts

Do you need numerous email accounts? Each InMotion VPS will allow you to create many email addresses that suit your needs. Emotion VPS is one of the best hosting providers that can assist you to host your website online.

Benefits of Inmotion VPS Hosting


Since you do not share your operating system with anyone, there are no websites on your server that can access your files.


When using an Inmotion VPS, you can make any changes to the server that suits your needs since you have your operating system.


If you want to install an application that requires you to restart your machine, then you can do that without affecting any other user. This happens even though you are sharing the same server with other users.

InMotion Shared Business Hosting Plans

Shared hosting implies that you are sharing the server with other websites. This is a great hosting plan for static sites, custom applications, and database-driven Content management systems. This is a cheap hosting plan that is suitable for those who are working on a budget.

When selecting between the performance and power of a web hosting service and the low price for shared plans, many customers are confused about which they will choose. How do these hosting plans compare? What makes them stand out from the rest? Both plans offer incredible resources that can host great websites, provide excellent performance and unforgettable user experiences.

Comparing InMotion VPS Hosting to Shared Business plan

If you are concerned about the performance and efficiency of your websites without paying much attention to the price, then you need to select an InMotion VPS hosting plan. Shared hosting plans, on the other hand, are great for people who are concerned about the price without considering the performance of their websites.

Shared business plans are suitable for static websites while InMotion VPS hosting can handle sites that have increased traffic. VPS hosting is more expensive and offers more features than shared hosting business plans. This article has explained the difference between shared business plans and InMotion VPS hosting that readers wanted to know.

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