SharedCount Helping You to Measure the Impact of Content Marketing

Having a good content marketing campaign is an excellent way to enhance your relationship with a target audience. Brand awareness is equally a significant component of a marketing campaign. The more clients learn of your brand, the more they will consider your products. However, you need to understand how your content marketing strategy is working. Its impact can determine whether your business will thrive or not.

Social media platforms help you to promote your products online. The question is what type of content are you creating for your clients, why choose specific content and how will the content help to generate the desired traffic for your business? You need to track shares, likes, and comments on different platforms as it gives you an insight of where you rank. Below are important metrics that will help you to measure the impact of your content marketing campaign.

Social media count

Social media content can help you run your business successful. Even so, you need to create the right content to gauge your standing. You can impact your brand positively or negatively based on the campaign you design. Learn of your standing by using tools that keep track of your content.

SharedCount is one of the most effective tools that accurately keep track of how content is shared on different platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The service works by:

  • Looking upon URLs that get shared and quickly offers results.
  • It tracks your social media statistics across different pages. Note that it has a highly functional API. This enables you to build your own tools for an efficient campaign.
  • The tracking tool also allows you to utilize a catching layer to access your results accurately. This is handy if you get questions regularly from your clients.
  • Additionally, the tool is designed to help you understand more about your content as it fetches social media shares. Therefore, you do not need to fall a victim of going through your pages on your own. Make the most of the tracking tool and service to discover more on shared URLs.

Brand mention

It is always safe to assume that you have a good brand visibility when people keep mentioning your brand online. There is still a great value in having a clear picture of what clients are talking about when it comes to your brand, products, and services.

It is wise to monitor your brand mentions to get honest feedback and a clear insight from potential and current clientele. With social media platforms, many clients are active account holders of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. If a client shares your brand across these platforms, it enhances your online visibility. Use the tracking tool to get custom alerts when your name or trademark is mentioned online.

Page and Content Analysis

For sure, you ought to monitor how your pages perform online. There are pages that act as landing spots for your target audience. Keep in mind that the first clients to land on your page can help you get more users or can turn off traffic to your site. This is based on the comments, reviews, and recommendations they make.

In this regard, it is imperative that you take advantage of content marketing with technology write for us to fully optimize pages that have the highest traffic. Capitalize on their content and ensure you include more and more attractive details. If possible, add a call to action to get the best bounce rate.

It is equally important that you check how your social media strategy is performing. Give your best practices across all pages to enjoy more conversions. Most importantly, use a tracking tool to pay close attention to engagement signals including comments, replies, retweets, likes, shares, mentions, and recommendations. Ensure that you give timely responses to satisfy your clients. This further helps to prevent negative sentiments.

Branded searches

When it comes to social media marketing, branded searches also play an important role. It offers an insight into the number of people asking or searching for your products online. You can keep track of your brand, blogs, social media platforms, and other variations online that you may find useful. These metrics are exceptional and are ideal for determining whether your brand is growing when clients are searching.

Additionally, using social media tracking tool helps you to determine whether clients get the best of their searches. You can always adjust your campaign if you get feedback that your campaign is not moving in the right direction.  You can attract public attention and enhance your brand visibility if you get a customized strategy. For this reason, make the most of a tracking tool to generate the best leads to your website.

Furthermore, it is wise to keep in mind that measuring your standing online doesn’t happen overnight. You ought to work on your marketing program and focus on the above metrics to start tracking the impact of your campaign. You can always identify metrics that match the needs of your business. Most importantly, have sharedcount  needs to be handled by an expert for ultimate results.

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