How to Hire a Right Programmer For The First Time


As compared to hiring the experts who belong to marketing or sales, the hiring process which you will have to initiate for the developers, programmers and testers is going to be way lot different. It is also understood that you being from the human resource background may not be much clear about such job profile and questions that needs to be put. At such time, along with doing a good research, you must speak with subject matter expert to understand on which questions you can get the most reliable solution…

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top job in gulf region

Gulf region is known for oil reserves and natural gas reserves. This leads to generation of large number of jobs in Gulf. The region is known for attractive tourist spots hence generating new Gulf jobs for a guide and driver. Travel and tourism industry is flourishing at a very fast rate in Gulf. Transportation industry is also becoming a thriving industry as it works closely with other sectors as well like in construction sector, logistics and many more generating more career opportunities for the job seekers. What are the reasons…

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Admin jobs in Singapore: Paving a way to your success

administrative jobs

Admin obs in Singapore are the lifeline of a company; they act as a supportive hand to the company. It includes job starting from general office management, answering phone calls, clerical works, and secretary to the employer or speaking to clients. It is such a broad category that it has huge job opportunities of its own. Administrative jobs are the major contributor to company’s day to day work. It’s like oxygen to the company without whom the company cannot survive. Here are some of the suitable administrative jobs which are…

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All things you need to know about Graphic Desiger jobs

graphic designer job

In today’s world, major companies are demanding for a major portion of graphic designer job in order to attract the potential customer which ultimately helps to gain promotion and increase the business productivity. The better your design is the better you can communicate with people. The design is the only solution that helps in engaging more users. As business is growing day by day, many of the organization have started their visual branding in which they can easily cater audience and make some innovative perspective on it. As Graphic designers…

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The Data Scientist Skills Everyone’s Looking for

Data Scientist Skills

The world is searching for data scientist Skills but it appears there just not enough of them. The unsurpassed number of data scientists required each year is way ahead of the number of data scientists produced by the industry. If you are anywhere related to data sciences, big data, and numbers, this post is for you.   Data Scientist Skills: #Programming: To start with, numbers must be your companion. You must know how to use numbers for coding, conducting statistical analysis, and presenting numerical information for the end-user to understand.…

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