How web hosting improves digital marketing and eventually, your brand

If you are a business owner or marketer in any scope or size,  chances are that you must already be aware of the merits possessed by online advertising as well as digital marketing. There are enough resources that talk about the need to select the right channels in the online media to reach, engage and retain your customers in the online world. I have seen many marketers burning a precious millions year on year in a bid to boost their brand’s online presence.  And why wouldn’t they? For mobile devices and laptops have bridged the gap between both brands and consumers only to make the latter engaged with the brand more than ever. However, proximity to consumers should not be the only reason to increase spends when careful allocation of monetary resources to boost digital presence is possible.

It is observed that marketers and business owners prioritize digital channels over web hosting tools that would drive business to their websites. This starts with choosing the right web hosting for the website in the first place.  Since customer acquisition through digital channels took centre stage, many stakeholders lost focus on basic elements of the digital ecosystem such as hosting, design, etc. If you single out web hosting itself, there are many factors worth mentioning which bolster a brand’s digital assets and in turn, help one market the brand better digitally. This article aims to tell you how choosing the right web hosting can affect the digital marketing of your brand in the long run.

As you may already be aware, SEO and Social Media and blogging are some of the key drivers when it comes to marketing a brand digitally. To illustrate the effects of a good web hosting on these pillars, the article will deep dive into each of these pillars one by one.

  1. Web hosting and SEO, a story untold

For any user who is finding information on the internet, speed is of the essence when it comes to experience. Let us see how–

  1. a) Speed- Quick and responsive websites are favoured by Google and other search engines for the simple reason that fast websites end up climbing the SEO ladder rather quickly. If the page load time is higher, chances are that the user may get miffed and exit the without even landing on the page. In order to ensure that your website stays ahead in the race, choosing the right web hosting is necessary. Cloud hosting, in particular, is known to boost the speed of your website. So going ahead, just make sure that you get either of these from a reputed web hosting provider.
  2. b) Location- Every search engine assesses the location of a website while deciding where to place it in the search engine rankings. In case you are based out of the U.K., search engines will first display websites higher in the rankings. So, if your business is based in the U.K. and you are targeting the customers in the same country, buying a hosting deal from a provider who is based in the same country or who has data centers located in that country will definitely help you the most.
  3. c) Tech support-  There is more than what meets the eye when we talk about hosting. Simply because speed and location are not enough. What a business also needs is tech support in case there is a server downtime or if your website has crashed. Websites that experience such mishaps often get penalized in the SEO spectrum by Google since they ruin user experience on the internet. Which is why your website will need a stable hosting provider that delivers round the clock tech support.
  4. How web hosting affects Social Media

You must be already familiar with the benefits of social media and how it sends you news and updates in real time. Communication in real time needs to be a lot quicker and your website needs to be much faster in order to facilitate this. Which again brings us to speed as a crucial factor in helping you to make this possible. The amount of content that social media churns out in a day (and also blogs to add into the mix) is huge. This sizeable content needs to reach the audience and that too at a rapid pace. So, when scale and speed are required, there is no better a solution than a CDN ( Content Delivery Networks). Here is how a CDN works- Let’s say you want to access bulky or heavier files. But carrying these bulky files, no matter what your bandwidth is, will take time. To bring this process to speed, these files are stored on a local server with the help of a CDN and one can access them without any hiccups. So, to ensure that your social media posts or even blogs are reaching your audience quickly, a hosting provider that opts for a CDN like Cloudflare would do the job for you.

  1. Domains- how they affect online marketing

Domain and hosting go hand in hand when we speak of marketing a brand or product digitally. Just as a good hosting plays its part, so does the domain and the domain name of the website. This is how–

It is seen in most cases that text ads perform better if you have a relevant domain name. It directly leads to more CTR (click-through rates) as well as conversions. The closer the match between the domain and the keyword, the higher the number of times the ads get clicked. This can also affect the quality score in a positive way. The logic behind this is that, whenever a user is trying to search on the internet, he/she is most likely looking for a product and not the company. So highlighting the product could help you get more clicks.

Have we missed out on something?

More or less, we have tried to cover all aspects that affect the marketing aspect of a brand digitally from a web hosting perspective. Something which we can also add on to these factors is the need for security of the website since malware, virus attacks and spams are always looking for vulnerabilities. Google takes this seriously again when it comes to the search engine because no user would ever want to browse a website that could be a potential threat. This justifies why Google announced that every site needs to implement an SSL certificate so that users know it is a safe place to be.

All these factors combined can help you as a marketer or a business owner boost the marketing efforts of the brand digitally by a huge margin. Simply because the platforms that you brand your products or services on, take these factors into account before any of you start working on these platforms. Hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. If you have any feedback or queries for us, do leave them in the comments section below.

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