How to avoid some Common WordPress Blunders?

Everyone makes blunders. But, if we see then experience teaches us some great lessons. It is good to learn from the mistakes and do not commit them again. And when we talk about WordPress, the main focus of a learner is to set everything and get things running. In this rush, quite a few things get ignored which might lead to various vulnerabilities and affect your blog or website later on. Today, we will study common WordPress mistakes people do and how to avoid them. We hope that you all will use this guide and avoid committing any blunders and make your WordPress website faster and better for assured success! Let us now begin:

Selecting a wrong platform

People often muddle between Self-hosted WordPress and If we see then it comes up to be a big mistake. At times, people want to frame a simple personal blog, and due to the confusion, they end up the periodic cost of managing a self-hosted WordPress site. In some other cases, users create a Free website wanting to be able to attain control over their website, make money, and add plugins. This comes up to be the most common mistake users commit.

 Forgetting to change the default admin username

When installing WordPress. It creates the username- “admin” with administrator rights. It is the username that is predictable to hackers. Using the “admin” username, they can do a force attack to crack the login and take control of the website. It becomes crucial to set the admin username on your own. It does not make sense at all to stick to the default WordPress username always. A simple combination of letters, numbers, and special characters should be used in your username and password.

Using an unsuitable or faulty theme

Selecting a flawless theme is an important thing that decides the future of your WordPress blog. The structure of the design plays an important role in the SSE ranking. You should always keep these 3 things in mind:

  • The ease of use
  • A reasonable price
  • A reputed company

If you are interested in buying a commercial theme, it is good to give a try to any one of the trusted theme providers.

Sticking with the default tagline “just another blog”

Basically, a tagline is a one-line description of what your website is all about. WordPress adds “Just Another” tagline to every WordPress install. Most of the WordPress learners forget to change it and get it indexed by Google, which is not a good practice. That’s why it is suggested to select a unique tagline that has some relation to your blog niche. You can also change the default tagline by visiting Settings>general in the WordPress dashboard. With it, do not forget to eliminate the sample page that comes with WordPress install.

Complicated categories & tags

Another best feature of WordPress is the ability to categorize content with tags. By taking the advantage of this feature, most of the people make too many categories, as they think this will make it easy for the users. But if we see then it’s not. Doing so can affect the site in a negative manner. Too many categories can make your website look bad and also influence users to leave your website then and there. Always try to limit tags to keep your user base big.

Overlooking WordPress Updates

It is one of the biggest mistakes people do. We all have been afraid of the updates. At times, we tend to overlook upgrading the site as we are not handling it properly. This can result in your site getting hacked at last. Upgrading from one version to another can help your website to run smoothly as well as help you to be safe from the vulnerabilities. So, we can say that it is good to have backups.

Using a Default Favicon

Now, what are Favicons? Favicons are the little images that show up next to the page title in the browser window. Many learners overlook their favicons, so their sites typically have favicons from the web hosting provider such as Bluehost. Always regard favicons as your site’s identity card. Change it now if you haven’t.

Overlooking SEO Settings

This is another most common mistake the users commit. At the initial stage, WordPress gives you an alternative to prevent SE bots from indexing your site. When the users check this, they fail to recall to uncheck that which means their site never gets indexed. Ignoring the SEO settings is also one of the common blunders people do. For this, you should update your meta settings.


So, these were some of the basic WordPress mistakes people do. To overcome these, the above-mentioned tips should be followed religiously. Be ahead of the competition and take website at the top!

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