How Do You Manage Sites on WordPress Hosting Plans?

People want to make their sites more attractive and powerful. But they do no idea about what kind of hosting is best for their WordPress site. So in this article, we will see what managed WordPress Hosting plans are and how you manage your sites on WordPress Hosting. 

Firstly, Managed WordPress hosting is the kind of hosting that provides lots of features to your sites, makes them secure, makes them faster, etc.

In simple words, Managed WordPress Hosting is not a wide plan it is only a description of the service that you will receive. On the other hand, other hosting plans, leave maximum work on you. But some managed hosting keeps their work themselves. Managed WordPress Hosting is one of them, and it is the thing that makes it different from others. 

Detailed Information About Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

As you know there are many web hosting are available in the market, for example, Shared hosting. This is a cheap option that adds you to other users on a single server. On the other hand, there is VPS hosting is available that provides you with a virtual place for your site on a server and you can only use that virtual place resources. If you will talk about top hosting then Dedicated Hosting is the only one where only your site is available on the whole server, which means nobody uses your server. But this is much more expensive hosting. 

These all hosting plans can be either Managed or unmanaged. But I want to tell you that maximum hosting plans are unmanaged, which means if you buy a hosting or purchase a space in the server then you can not change it yourself. Your hosting provider will give you some free tools but the maintenance of your site, the performance of your site, these kinds of responsibilities are all yours.  

What is Managed WordPress Hosting? 

This is the hosting where your hosting provider manages a site and server for you. It means it will take some responsibilities like updating your site, giving more security, improve your site performance.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

There are many advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting and they are:- 

Daily Backup:- In this hosting your website and all the data-related website is always safe, managed WordPress hosting will take backup of your website daily. On the other hand, if you want to restore your website then it will give you this facility as well. 

Fast And Secure:- Because this managed hosting will take care of your website then you do not need to manged these all things. Managed WordPress hosting gives you the latest technologies to make your site secure and fast as compared to others. It will give you a guarantee that your site will be safe from attackers and hackers as well. 

Core Updates:- This Hosting plan also takes care of your core updates, which help to make your site more secure. Many companies in the market will provide you with extra plugins and themes for making your site more attractive. 

27*7 Customer Support:- Managed WordPress Hosting gives premium customer support to its users. You can contact customer care whenever you want. There all staff members are very knowledgable about Managed WordPress Hosting. It means they will easily resolve any kind of problem within minutes. 

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

Much Expensive:-  The biggest disadvantage of Managed WordPress Hosting is that it is very expensive hosting so not all users can buy this hosting. This is much more expensive as compared to shared Hosting. 

Limitation:- This service focuses on improving your site’s performance and security. On the other hand, this service does not give you enough rights to use specific plugins that make your site slow. 

Allows Only WordPress Sites:- If your site is WordPress then you can use this Managed WordPress Hosting. While Share hosting allows you to host any kind of website you want like HTML. However, managed to host companies only allow you to host WordPress websites. 

Right Managed WordPress Hosting For Your Website

Managed WordPress Hosting

Finding Managed WordPress Hosting can be a little bit difficult. Because there is no proper definition of Managed Hosting. It only depends on the hosting provider that what kind of hosting they provide you and what features are available on that. That is why you have to be careful and make sure that you are spending your money in the right place or not. You have to need to see all the features before taking any kind of hosting. 

  When you are going to take Managed Hosting to your website then you should know what is famous on market nowadays. And also you have to think about, whether the provider gives you an updation and backup facility on not. Because these two things are most important when we take hosting to our website. 

After that, you have to see what it will provide in terms of security and website performance. Provide should be responsible for the performance of your site, keep it maintain, speed and uptime. If you have any queries about these all things then get in contact with customer care and chat with them and solve your all types of queries. 

The most important part, make sure the plan of Managed WordPress Hosting. If you are handover all the responsibilities of your website to the hosting provider, then the provider must know how to maintain the WordPress site and its performance. Look for features like, pre-installed, and Pre-configure that handle your site backups and caching.

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