Free SSL certificate from Hostinger. How to set up?

Free SSL certificate from Hostinger

One of the greatest web hosting service providers is Hostinger. They have about 23 million customers who can use their services. Many customers consider this company to be affordable and reliable. They are dedicate to deliver their clients the most suitable services possible. To keep all the information safe and secure, they take all necessary security precautions. The most frequent query, however, is if Hostinger provides a free SSL certificate.

If you’re keen on learning the solution to this query, keep reading to learn more. You can learn more about Hostinger SSL and how to quickly install it here.

Indeed, Hostinger provides SSL

A free SSL certificate is include with any Hostinger web hosting package purchase. But not every hosting company(Bluehost, HostGator, InMotion Hosting, etc) not offers a free SSL certificate. You may make your website protected for all of your visitors with the use of the free SSL certificate. This SSL certificate will assist you in protecting all of your data from hackers. When you utilize an SSL certificate on your website, the URL changes to HTTPS, and a padlock appears to the left of it. Because the SSL demonstrates to your users that your website is secure and safe from hackers.

What is SSL?

The little data files known as SSL certificates serve to link a company’s information and its cryptographic key digitally. A padlock appears on the left side of the URL and HTTPS when a website employs an SSL certificate, enabling secure connections between a web server and a browser. The SSL certificate is frequently used to safeguard all logins, data transfers, and payment card information. It also secures all social media websites.

why install ssl certificate

Why Install an SSL Certificate

The web protocol for safeguarding data transport and communication is Secure Socket Layer (SSL). All information queries made to the server using this protocol are secure. With SSL, all of your website’s data is secure. This will protect every piece of information that your server and users exchange. If you’re wondering why using an SSL certificate is vital, here are some explanations.

  • Secure all information and transactions made online.
  • Online transmission of sensitive data and secure system login.
  • Webmail and apps that are secure.
  • Safeguard workflow and virtualization software.
  • Ensuring the safety of the connection between email clients.
  • To protect all of the critical login information and the hosting control panel login.

Let me know how I can use Hostinger SSL without a host now that I am aware of the uses for SSL. Let’s proceed and learn how to install the free SSL from Hostinger.

Why Install an SSL Certificate

How to install a free SSL certificate in Hostinger

You can use these instructions for a simple installation if you don’t know how to install a free SSL certificate in Hostinger’s cPanel.

Step1: Use the provided login id and password to access your Hostinger account.

Step2: After successfully logging in, you will see the page below, where the “SSL” option is located in the header area.

Step 3: Click the SSL link to view a list of all your domain names.

You can receive an inactive or blank status if your domain is recently set up; in that case, you can configure SSL certification from scratch.

Step 4: After clicking manage, you will be taken to the page where you may install a free SSL certificate that Hostinger has given for your domain.

Step 5: The final action is to click the “install” button on the screen above. The automatic installation of SSL on your domain will take a few minutes after you click the Install button. After installation is complete, the region shown in the picture below will have a few extra features.

Here at webhostingjoin we explained the installation of a free SSL certificate in Hostinger step by step.

You can once more turn off Hostinger’s SSL certification.

The five steps to installing a free SSL certificate in Hostinger are as follows. Automatic SSL certificate installation is the name of this operation.

In addition to automatic SSL installation, you may install an SSL certificate manually in your hosting cPanel.

You can find a further choice known as custom SSL in the same place or on the same page.


The majority of web hosts(HostGator, InMotion, SiteGround, etc), including Hostinger, give out free SSL certificates along with their hosting packages.

However, one drawback of Hostinger is that their entry-level shared hosting plans do not include free SSL. Additionally, if you want to create add-on domains to host other websites on your Hostinger account, these add-on domains do not have free SSL either.

There is a free and simple alternative to purchasing an expensive SSL certificate from Hostinger.

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