The Ultimate Guide To Building a strong follower base on Instagram

With the changing lifestyle and the fast-paced notion of life, it is becoming more and more difficult to have time for each and everything we do. The concept of relaxation is even getting ritualized, and people tend to spend a major amount of time in a day on social media platforms. The Instagram account is one of the many social media platforms which are actively used by millions of people worldwide. The social media platforms are not only the place for relaxing your mind and diverting yourself from your daily lifestyle but also a potential ground for business and promotion. Entrepreneurs and marketers across the world see the social media platforms as potential ground or marketing provided you can come up with new and innovative strategies. There are professional solutions to marketing with social media which you can opt for.

Noted among one of the most popular social media platforms, the Instagram account is the perfect choice when you are looking for aplaceto share your life with minimum words and maximum expressions. Accessed by six million active users per month this is a notably popular platform that is neck to neck regarding popularity with Facebook. It is way ahead of other social media platforms like interest, Tumblr, Twitter which have some features of Instagram but not all. In short, Instagram is the platform which is the amalgamation of the best features of other social media platforms of the same category and is primarily a mobile-based platform. Here we are going to give you certain tips which would help you built the follower base on Instagram and use the Instagram account for business purpose as well.

building strong followers on instagram

Account bio

When you are registering for a new Instagram account, it is imperative that you pay attention to creating an interesting bio and deliberate upon choosing the best images for your account. There are different types of use to which you can put your Instagram account and depend on the purpose for which you are using the account you can create the bio and set up the display picture accordingly. If your account is meant for the business purpose, put up the business logo as the profile image and in the bio, give a brief idea about our business and the contact details and website link if any. Update the bio from time to time to ensure that your prospective clients and followers can get the latest information about the company from the profile itself. The page name should be well thought of, and do not keep changing the name. Also, create a hashtag of the name to pull all the posts which are relevant to your account.

Make your profile public

On Instagram, you have to settings option to make your profile private or public and to make sure that when someone is looking for relevant hashtags or your profile, they can discover you easily. The private profiles cannot be looked up easily unless the user knows the exact user id of the profile. Also, if your profile is private and the posts are hidden random viewers who may have been interested provided they can see your uploads would not follow you. To get Instagram followers, you should ensure that your profile is kept public and anyone and everyone can look it up. Also, make sure that you are using trending hashtags which are searched for frequently to make sure that more and more people can discover your account easily.

Follow back your followers

When you get a new follower, as a courtesy follow them back provided they have some interesting and relevant information on their account. When you are following them back, your profile would appear as a suggestion to new people who are on the mutual follower list for you concerning the person you follow. This way you can increase the chances of getting recognized and exposure from the right people, and as a result, the promotion through Instagram can bring home enough profit for you.


There are some ways in which you can become an influence in Instagram. The methods through which you can consistently build up a fan base for your business or profile on Instagram are discussed here. They are basic ways in which you can generate more and more followers, and it can be concluded that you would be able to get good exposure provided you follow these trends carefully enough.

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