BigRock Web-Hosting Review-2018

BigRock Web Hosting Review 2018

BigRock is a leading web-hosting solutions provider of the country which boasts of 6 million sites globally. But why have so many site owners trust BigRock? It is because of: Exceptional performance World-class technical support There are plenty of choices available when it comes to web-hosting plans: Linux Plans Windows Plans If you have just one website to host and are looking for affordable hosting plans then you can for: Linux Hosting Plans:  Feature Rich, State of the Art Hosting Unlimited Domains, Disk Space, Bandwidth and Email Addresses 9% uptime with dedicated 24/7 technical support…

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SEO Marketing vs. Traditional Online Marketing

SEO Marketing vs. Traditional Online Marketing

Marketing your business requires an effective approach to gain a solid customer base. The challenges in your marketing journey are inevitable, but with a tried and tested strategy, you will be able to achieve your goals. Since marketing is a vital component for growing your business, there are two types of marketing approaches that you need to explore: SEO marketing and Traditional marketing. Both of these marketing approaches aim to increase your brand exposure for a wider reach. In this modern day and age, businesses are forced to keep up…

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Top 10 Spyware Warning Signs

Spyware Warning Signs

Malware and various other forms of cyber-attacks have been around for as long as computers. But over the past couple of years, there’s been a relative increase in the number of malware attacks. It’s pretty obvious why that is the case; the number of people on the internet has increased steadily, year after year. In addition to that, the number of ways that a hacker can attack an end user on the internet has also increased. Security professionals are constantly adopting new methods of preventing these hackers from succeeding in whatever…

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Pros of Web Maintenance for Better Stability in Business

Pros of Web Maintenance

The importance of website presence tells users to examine, notice as well as to gain the great amount of insight information about their relevant needs. These include the navigation bar, menus, content, images, hyperlinks, videos etc. Tracking and monitoring at a glance will not only website owner can benefit but also they can get all the information about website usability. When a visitor lands at your site he has to engage all the web information that is visible to them. Similarly, they have limited time to look your website unless…

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Remember The Options Before You Choose An SEO Company

Choose An SEO Company

Getting a startup website off the ground is the fundamental initial step to tackling the perceivability confuse. With about each company nowadays putting a substantial concentrate on the online part of the business, it’s winding up progressively aggressive to get another brand in front of whatever number eyes as could reasonably be expected. Exactly when customers go to your website, inside minutes they’ll pick if it’s the place they will find the information they’re pursuing or complete the action they came there to wrap up. If your website comes up…

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4 Best Ways to Control and Maintain Your Home Network

Everybody needs a home Wi-Fi system and all in today’s world of modern technology are used to of it. But a network is actually a network only when it is reliable and provides us gh sechiurity. Netgear acts in the same way as it offers such a vast range of safe Wi-Fi products that are very useful and adorable in today’s life. They are not just the products; they are hope of people. Netgear Wi-Fi Extender Setup needs just a little time and efforts of yours and gives you high speed…

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Cloud hosting vs. Shared hosting: The Battle of The Giants

Cloud hosting vs Shared hosting

It is the year of the cloud. Everyone is using the cloud as a prefix to almost everything. Every app, mobile device, email service, and database has something “cloud” about them. Almost all businesses are using cloud storage systems, and even regular individual users are uploading their mobile clicks onto the cloud to save device memory. Most technophiles have a clear idea about the precedence of cloud in our daily life, but the regular folks have little idea about the huge influence cloud has on our everyday activities. What is…

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5 Creative Content Ideas You Should Have for Your Own e-Commerce Website

e-Commerce website Creative content ideas

In the world of ecommerce, content is vital. Content plays a huge role as in ecommerce as it is the major tool in search engine optimization which seeks to drive traffic to the site and ultimately improving ecommerce conversion as a result. With more and more competitors, players in the e-commerce industry must be creative in all they do – even when it comes to their content. And to be able to do just that, the following are some ideas that you can consider implementing: Add more Extensive Product Information,…

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How reputable DDoS protection service has the ability to prevent DDoS attacks

DDoS protection

DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) attack is one of the most common ways to bring down a website or an online commercial portal. Many reputed organisations, ecommerce sites, banks, financial institutions and even entire governments have been rendered helpless with these attacks. DDoS is a severe problem facing any and every website today and as such needs to be addressed. What comprises a Distributed Denial of Service attack? Basically, a hacker’s primary aim is to bring down a website so that it crashes and is offline for a prolonged period of…

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How to Hire a Right Programmer For The First Time


As compared to hiring the experts who belong to marketing or sales, the hiring process which you will have to initiate for the developers, programmers and testers is going to be way lot different. It is also understood that you being from the human resource background may not be much clear about such job profile and questions that needs to be put. At such time, along with doing a good research, you must speak with subject matter expert to understand on which questions you can get the most reliable solution…

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