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Different Types of Web Hosting Services Available From The Reliable Web Hosting Provider

Web hosting is a type of Internet service that allowed your website visible and accessible over the World Wide Web. Typically, you need to pay a monthly or annual fee, and your hosting will stay active for that time period. When you stop paying the amount your website will not be visible and accessible anymore. If you want to ensure that your website is accessible 24*7/365 and that there will be a 99% uptime guarantee existent, you need to choose a very Reliable Web Hosting Provider.

There are several types of web hosting services available and choosing one is a little bit confusing. Read carefully these descriptions so that you can make the best choice whenever you need a Reliable Web Hosting Provider. The most important- always choose to host through a reliable provider even if you have to pay a little extra.

Shared Web Hosting

It is the most economical web hosting solution where you can get web hosting as low as $1 Web Hosting. Here many users share a common server to make the things cost-effective. Shared web hosting is a very popular hosting type in beginner because of the low cast. Godaddy offers quite affordable shared hosting services. During the GoDaddy Cyber Monday Sale, you can also save a lot of money on its various hosting plans.

webhostingjoin shared hosting
Webhostingjoin shared hosting

Cloud Web Hosting

This is a quite new and extremely popular type of website hosting solution. In this case, your website will be hosted on a virtual server that actually pulls resources from other networks, web servers, etc. One of the biggest advantages of cloud hosting is that you will not put up with server downtime as it happens with traditional hosting when the servers are malfunctioning.

Cloud hosting will also not put a limitation on your bandwidth, and your website does not “depend” on one single server. Your web hosting is guaranteed by a cluster of servers that are intertwined and working together to provide you reliable services in the cloud.

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Dedicated Web Hosting Services

Dedicated web hosting is when you get your own server. This also means that you gain full control over all aspects of your hosting. Even though you do not actually “own” the server, you still have root access to Linux or administrator access for Windows. With dedicated hosting, you are the one bearing the responsibility for the general maintenance or security of your server. Therefore, dedicated web hosting is mainly recommended for very advanced users who have the ability to take over all administrative and security issues regarding their hosting. Dedicated web hosting is a popular choice for site owners with huge traffic to their sites. Second for those who need access to special/custom server requirements which are not generally available through shared web hosting solutions. Choosing a Reliable Web Hosting Provider gives all the benefits of web hosting which is important for your website.

Managed Web Hosting

In Managed Web Hosting all web hosting solution provided by the administrator. There are low-cost plans that are cheaper but also high end hosting plans available which may cost even several hundreds of dollars per month. Webmasters with very special requirements typically opt for such managed hosting plans. The experts take care of all the administrative issues implied by hosting their websites. HostArmada offers quite great managed web hosting service. At the HostArmada Black Friday sale, you can also make lots of savings on it.

managed webhosting-Reliable Web Hosting Provider

The more expensive the managed hosting plan you choose, the greater the technical support you will receive. Expert webmasters monitor constantly your websites. You get 24*7/365 technical support for your website. They will manage any downtime issues or server malfunctioning problems. Also, maintain aspects related to your websites and plenty of other such services. Before you choose a managed web hosting plan, you need to make sure that you fully understand the type of administrative services that are included.

For example, a cheaper managed plan will actually make you responsible for some administrative aspects of your hosting. If you just want to sit back and relax, knowing everything is in order with your hosting, you need to select a fully managed web hosting plan from a Reliable Web Hosting Provider.

Reseller web hosting plans

If you perform quick research online for web hosting, you will see there are many companies that actually resell hosting services. The main account owner basically rents to other webmasters/users a certain disk space size + bandwidth for hosting purposes. The end-user will get access to special individual control panels in order to customize details as needed.

It is advisable that you look for an established web hosting firm, rather than hosting through a reseller who cannot possibly offer you the same high level of technical support you get through a high profile provider. However, reseller hosting also comes with quite some advantages. Reseller hosting plans are among the cheapest, but you will have to do without full technical support.

Free Web Hosting

Well, those who are on a limited budget, or just starting their online business will typically look for free web hosting at the beginning. Later on, they will climb the ladder to dedicated hosting or fully managed web hosting services which are more secured and which allow the user to have full control over the administrative issues.

The very first thing to keep in mind regarding free web hosting is that you must look for a reliable Web Hosting provider. Also, make sure you undertake what is actually included in your free web hosting plan.

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Check out the available disk space that you can use and the bandwidth. Disk space is the actual storage size you are allowed to use for free. When you exceed the storage needs you will probably have to pay to get access to more space. Then, bandwidth refers to the maximum traffic amount that will be allowed to get to your site or leave your site. In case your website comes with plenty of graphics (pictures, videos, etc.) you will certainly need greater storage.

If you don’t have scripting skills, such an application is definitely needed. Next, don’t forget about the FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This protocol is responsible for allowing you to transfer files that you need for your website, from your computer to the web hosting server.

As you can note, there are many types of web hosting solutions available, but you always need to choose carefully in order to select the best plan that suits your needs and available budget.


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